Box of 39 pieces Le Coffret Plaisir


Le Coffret Plaisir gift box with a gratifying selection of milk chocolate and 70% cacao dark chocolate. Seize the moment with the bliss of tempting fillings from praline to coffee gianduja, butter biscuits, pistachio croquant, caramelized almonds, hazelnuts, and caramel. Melt into pleasure.

Signature gift box, assorted milk chocolate and dark chocolate with nuts, fruits, biscuits, and other pleasurable flavours, 515g.

What's inside the box

  • Prestige 10 pieces Milk chocolate with pistachio croquant
  • Amandine 8 pieces Milk chocolate with gianduja cream and whole caramelized almond
  • Pause Café 3 pieces Milk Chocolate with coffee gianduja
  • Légère 6 pieces Leaving you to savor the smooth combination of milk chocolate, rice crispy and hazelnuts combination in Légère piece. Milk chocolate with crisped rice and hazelnuts
  • Praliné Lait 2 pieces Milk chocolate with hazelnut praliné
  • Praliné Noir 2 pieces Dark chocolate with hazelnut pralinéCarmen 4 pieces Milk chocolate with biscuit and carameli
  • Carmen 4 pieces Milk chocolate with biscuit and caramel
  • Coffret 4 pieces Milk chocolate with gianduja cream

Technical Details

  • Reference FG1054
  • Dimensions (WxLxH) 23 x 23 x 3 cm
  • Consume within 3 months
  • Weight 515 gr