Sleep Magic Phone Detox


The Sleep Magic Phone Detox is your new favorite bedside companion!

The easiest Detox you'll ever do is all made possible by the Copper and Nickel lined pouch that securely fits your mobile device. The pouch combines unique signal-blocking minerals that protect you and your space, by blocking the wifi and call signals from your phone. And not to worry, you can still use your alarm to make sure you make that morning meeting!

The detoxing effect allows you to reap the benefit of minimizing the Electromagnetic and Radio-frequency energy that electronic devices radiate which can affect your sleep and overall well-being.


Simply place the cellular phone into the silver-lined side of the protective pouch making sure to seal the velcro flap tightly to block the phone's signal. You will not be able to receive or make calls while your phone is in the pouch, and that’s the point! If you notice calls coming through, we suggest turning off your wifi to block extremely strong wifi signals. This should likely only be necessary in areas with unusually strong signals.


    • Fabric Content: Exterior: 100% Polyester
    • Interior: 34% Polyester, 33% Copper, 33% Nickel


When ready for bed, place your mobile phone in the silver-lined side of the phone detox pouch which is located in the back of the pouch. Seal the velcro flap tightly, and prepare to enjoy uninterrupted sleep!

Note, for best EMF protection and to block the strongest wifi signals, we recommend turning off your wifi at night. This helps to minimize excessively strong wifi signals from still passing through the pouch.

Care Guide

Spot treat as needed with a damp cloth.