Start your day with the perfect cup of coffee at Avenue On 3 bar. Whether you prefer a quick takeaway to kickstart your morning or want to unwind and savor your coffee in our inviting ambiance, we have you covered. Our expert baristas craft artisanal coffee using premium beans, ensuring that each sip is a moment of pure bliss. Pair your coffee with our delectable desserts for an unforgettable morning treat.

As the day progresses, Avenue On 3 Bar transforms into a Champagne & Caviar haven, ready to elevate your dining experience. Indulge in the finest selection of caviar sourced from the esteemed Nomad Caviar and explore our curated Champagne collection, each chosen to complement the rich flavors of caviar and enhance your overall dining experience.

At Avenue On 3 Bar, you can relax, indulge, and enjoy the finer things in life. From morning coffee rituals to luxurious Champagne and caviar indulgence, our bar is a destination that promises to delight your senses and leave you craving for more. Join us and experience the epitome of elegance and pleasure.

To make a reservation, please Whatsapp us at 9617 9875.