Selinus Reed Diffuser


From the first Essensitive collection, inspired by the floral world, Selinus was created. The decor of this hand-made room diffuser, with its mysterious Selinant Bronze colour, evokes the shades of the statues from ancient temples. The ceramic container encloses the artistic fragrance of Irene Farmachidi, mixing fruity notes with green and boisé, creating an aroma which recalls all the aspects of the fig tree; the freshness of its leaves, and the softness of its lymph. It is ideal for adding fragrance to any type of environment.

Each article is hand-crafted, so any differences between products represent their uniqueness and authenticity.

Olfactory Notes

  • Head – Fig Leaf
  • Heart – Tomato Leaf
  • Base – Tonka Bean


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Shape: Trilobate
  • Sticks: Wooden
  • Size: 15,5 cm Height (with 27 cm long sticks), 106 cm Diameter, Essence 500 ml
  • Made in Italy
Care Guide

Keep out of reach of children. Use the diffuser on a flat surface, away from inflammable materials. Pour the liquid into the ceramic tribolate. Do not move the diffuser when full and do not allow liquid to overflow, as it could be corrosive. The sticks will absorb and diffuse the liquid in the surrounding area. (This process may take at least 24 hours). For greater intensity, turn the sticks periodically to increase diffusion of the fragrance. Do not wash in the dishwasher.

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Our products have been specially created not only for functional use, but also to give a second scope to the object; to express a philosophy of kindness, respect and inclusiveness which takes into consideration human beings and the environment, transforming emotions, colours and atmospheres into a new sensual journey.