Sleep magic silk mask - midnight blue embroidery


Get the sleep you deserve now! With custom silk embroidery, our signature silk sleep mask has a magical sleep-inducing secret, a virtually weightless natural mineral® insert, to help you enjoy a restful sleep. While sleeping, the Tourmaline activates the mineral ions within, enhancing sleep and inducing relaxation. Experience our good sleep secret to a vibrant life and discover better sleep, naturally. Get ready for no more moody mornings!


Benefits Sleep Mask: Gentle on skin | Hypoallergenic | Naturally thermo-regulating

Benefits of the® insert: Natural well-being | Balances body with negative Ions | Relieves Body tension | Helps to induce sleep

- One size fits all with an adjustable, elasticized band

- OEKO-TEX® certified label makes it good for you and the environment

- Dimensions : 10x20.6 cm | 4"W x 8.25"L

A note from us:

It takes 2-4 weeks for the body to acclimate fully to the mineral composition. Results are unique to each individual and are not guaranteed.


  • - Includes: Natural & non-toxic OEKO-TEX® Certified, 22 momme silk mask & Tourmaline Microencapsulate mineral-infused insert (90% Polyester/10% Cotton) OEKO-TEX®
  • Packaged in our reusable, sustainable silver zip pouch made from naturally textured wood pulp


The Sleep Magic Experience: Place mask on forehead while preparing for sleep to begin to activate the mineral energy.

Care Guide

Remove mineral-infused insert prior to washing the outer silk layer by hand or in a gentle cycle.